The Profits in Strategic Partnerships Webinar (Replay)

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The Profits in Strategic Partnerships Webinar (Replay)



I find that women business owners are taking life by the hand and starting their own businesses; some succeeding while others floundering trying to find their way. The ease and joy of success are discovered in many strategies for success, but the one I’ve personally used to bring the most value, greater return on invested time and endless profits is collaborative partnerships or also known as strategic partnerships.

Business owners are either shying away from creating strategic referral partnerships or feel like they’ve been drained by the partnerships they have created. If you’re not creating strategic partnerships you are missing out on many profitable opportunities. 

During the webinar, I am going to teach you what a “real” strategic partnership is – yes, some business owners know the term, but don’t fully understand how to leverage them.   As women business owners, we have an even greater advantage to partner in ways that our male counterpart cannot and I’m going to teach you the advantages.

Here’s what else we’re going to cover:

  • Ways to identify the ideal strategic referral partner..
  • How to create meaningful collaborative/strategic partnerships
  • How to develop strategic partnerships
  • Steps to maintain the partnership relationship to yield lasting results
  • A system for tracking results
  • The advantage women business owners have to build partnerships

I’m also going teach you how to have strategic referral partners’ work “with” you to achieve greater profits for years to come. We have the greatest asset working in our favor to achieve wealth and prosperity through partnership.

Here’s what a client recently said about her experience of using strategic partnerships:

“Today, I was contacted by a state agency. They want to contract with us so that we may assist those hindered by their mental illness so that they may join or rejoin the workforce. Here’s to creating another revenue stream that aligns perfectly with our vision and purpose. Last time one strategic partnership yielded over 50% of our yearly revenue. I can’t wait to see what this one does. We owe all of our success to you, Lisa!”

Most business owners find that they are trying really hard in their businesses. They are working long hours, making contacts and seemingly doing the right things, but the results are not reflective in their bottom line!

Stop banging your head against the wall!

Let me assist you in learning and applying easy proven ways to make your business a success!!!

The power of strategic partnerships is in the ability to attract more clients than you alone could ever produce.

I can’t wait to see you at the top with this new strategy elevating you and your company.

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