“The Fastest Way to The Top is Together!”

P3 Teachers, Kim Jacobs, Nadia Moffett, Diannia Baty and Sr. Facilitator Lisa Thomas

President of The P3 Group, Local TV Show host, Coach and former Ms. North Carolina teach at a P3 event.

As I listen to the challenges and put together a program for a group of 40 women executives who are reading the book “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg, I’ve garnered an issue that needs to be addressed.

Now, author Sheryl Sandberg may talk about what I’m about to say in the book, however I have not read it in its entirety but will given my clients are fully engaged in it.

As women we have the responsibility to lean in for ourselves; just as the book implies – however we also have a responsibility to “lean in for others” and bring them along with us.

As I scan my many years of coaching women leaders, this lean in notion raised a point.

Yes, we must “lean in” for ourselves meaning there is no pathway to the top when you sit back without taking risk and voicing your “not so popular” opinion. Leaning in and taking risk affords an opportunity that your voice be heard, your intelligence ignited and the ability to “lead” is illuminated.
In a nutshell, when you “lean in” you take your career into your own hands and paint your pathway.

My colleague and friend Sheree Mann, COO of The Right Plan achieves great success and I can use her success to make a point in my presentations, I choose to do so because it has her “lean in” where I am even though she’s not there. When we lean in for each other we grow “and” achieve greater success.

And because I bring results oriented consults, new levels of thinking and breakthrough that has allowed her to succeed, she acknowledges me as the source of her accomplishments as well.

Sometimes we as women take each other for granted. Because she’s a friend, confidant or colleague going for the same things, we neglect to think of the value she brings to your success.

We can “lean in” for each other. Men lean in for men all the time, but we as women may or may not do the same because we are trying to “fight” for our own position or success. But we don’t have to.

The way to the top is together, not solo!!!

Who can you lean in for that you’ve not thought of or taken for granted?

If you find yourself stuck in fear of leaning in for yourself or fear of standing for what you deserve and you need a strong results oriented confidant who can propel you into greater results , contact us for a personal coaching session or business assessment at 910 221 9294.

Lisa is the President and CEO of The P3 Group, Inc., Expert Business Success and Leadership Support Coach. Featured on NBC’s My Carolina Today, Charlotte Today, World Pudja Network, Dr. Pat Show, and Conscious Talk Radio. For more information, contact us at 910 221 9294 or 704 909 7663.

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