The Art of Asking For What You Want by Lisa Thomas

Latino and asian womenWhether you are in business or simply desire to elevate your career, this article is about YOU asking for what you want!

Let me start off by saying that this information does not negate getting to know a person and seeking to understand more about them or doing business with people you like. All of those things still apply. This article is about building your confidence to step into the role of a strong, confident, no holds barred business woman.

I recently had a lunch meeting with a gentleman who found out about what we do through a facilitator of ours. Our facilitator arranged a meeting to discuss our services and how we collectively might serve our community better. I was particularly fascinated by his approach of getting related . If you’ve taken any sales courses, you know being related is an important piece of the initial meeting. It felt familiar in that regard and while I think it’s effective, when doing business woman to woman, I’ve noticed that we may talk too much and too long. We want to be related, understood, etc. Talking too much keeps us from doing what we’re in business to do which is make money.

As president of my company, I’m always looking at profit margins and attrition, performance and delivery in the market place, overall effectiveness in sales and marketing, and more. I’ve come to realize that making money is one of the reasons we’re still in business after 13 years. If we don’t make money, as a business we die! Period! But as women, we sometimes (not all women, but some women) shy away from the big conversation of asking for the deal. Consider this: If you don’t have a straight conversation about making money, you’re doomed from the beginning.

Anyway, I digress. After a few moments the gentleman proceeded to say, “let’s shift gears here.” I happily responded with “Yes, let’s.” He then went on to say, let’s see how we can work together. I’m thinking this is the perfect opportunity for me to say exactly what I’m interested in creating. So, I did…”I’m interested in a possible joint venture.”We then discovered that we each bring value to the marketplace and are a good match for a joint venture. Now, we’re in proposal stages of our venture–all in two hours.

Now, what I’m about to say does not apply to any of you reading this,I’m sure, right?:-)… Sometimes we have to think about it, marinate over it, pray about it, or whatever before we make a move. Here’s the hard truth: those are often excuses being used to avoid the deal; they are very coy ways of delaying the straight conversation to do the deal. Ultimately, it delays any financial gains or getting what you want. Our greatest challenge is feeling confident enough to go for the deal. If you are going to make it in business, you must be willing to go the distance for success.

Let me say something else here to make it clear. Yes, you must evaluate each deal you do and with whom. I’d done my homework prior to the meeting. In fact, I’d followed the man for years so I knew of him and his reputation. I knew his history and who he’d done business with. So did it just happen in two hours? No! I’d done the homework so as to not waste my time or his.The homework made the meeting easier and cut down on my time to decide.

Listen, don’t agonize over deals. DO your homework and then DO them! Trust yourself in business and take the leap! We will offer greater value to our client base with this new joint venture if and when we settle on the details but most importantly we’ll increase our profit margin by 25% because of it!

Don’t be afraid to do joint ventures, don’t be afraid to make more money and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Ten reasons women don’t make the money they desire or build wildly successful businesses:

Lack of confidence
Lack of ability to enjoy the “art of the deal”
Self sabotage
Distorted view of self-worth
Concern of how they may come across – too confident, less confident, less knowledgeable
Fear of failure
Limited beliefs about money and accumulation of wealth
Afraid of the unknown
Don’t ask for the deal or the money

Don’t allow these ten challenges to stop you from asking.

If you find yourself stuck and not asking for what you want or making the deal, and you need a strong results oriented confidant who can propel you into greater results fast, contact us for a personal or leadership coaching session or a business assessment session at 910 221 9294.

Lisa is a Expert Business, Success and Leadership Coach, Visionary for Women and Inspirational Speaker. She’s been featured on NBC’s My Carolina Today , Charlotte Today, World Puja Network, Dr. Pat Show and Conscious Talk Radio.

Lisa has grown The P3 Group to include customized workshops, specialized training, an online women’s magazine, an internet radio show and speaking engagements. She is best known for her life and business coaching where she has an amazing ability to lead women to uncover the power within and produce unprecedented results.

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