Clear the Fog and Lead

How do you operate as a leader during the emotional fog?

Your day is going exactly as planned and everything seems to be falling into place piece by piece. You wonder if it could get any better. And wham! All of a sudden, you are plagued with the worst headache you have had in decades. Your attention span is as short as a millisecond. What in the world is happening? The fog is over taking your mind and you cannot seem to think clearly. It may even feel like you are going insane. The dreaded cycle is almost here and your hormones are well, a bit out of whack.

Is it hormonal or are you overwhelmed by the curve balls life is constantly throwing at you.
As we become more mature women, we discover that our bodies are changing. In some cases, our hormones are starting to seesaw. One minute all is well and the next, well, not so much. We may be experiencing peri- menopause, menopause, or just plain overwhelmed by all that it takes to do what we do. To find out for certain, I would recommend checking with your doctor to see if there are any physical things causing the fog.

However, if there is not a physical reason, there are other possible causes.

Overwhelmed – You have too much going on at one time and cannot seem to process it all. Becoming overwhelmed can happen to all of us. But for women who lead, it can happen without us knowing it. We are so accustomed to making decisions and leading that becoming overwhelmed never crosses our mind. It shows up differently than feeling overwhelmed. It may appear like having foggy thoughts. That is your sign to stop , restart, restore, and rejuvenate.

Indecision – You have to make an important decision but have not. It is lingering in the background awaiting your approval to move forward, yet you have not given it the attention it deserves. This is a major contributor to your foggy brain box. Whenever you find yourself in a state of being stagnant with an important decision AND continuing with other daily decisions lining up for an approval. It will plague you into moving forward. It does not matter if you make a decision or decide not to decide, the key is to decide.

A big or monumental decision – You are faced with a decision that might change your life forever. These decisions carry a lot of merit when it comes to clogging your decision-making thoughts and creating fog. If you are a decision maker in your career and you have not found time to process the pros and cons of your own life changing monumental decision, take time off to choose what is right for you. There is no better way to escape the fog than decision. Once it is made, you will move forward and the fog moves out!!!

Most of us as leaders, would read this and say, “I know. I need to decide.” Yet, you find yourself in the fog more often than you would like. When you move through life as a leader, taking on daily tasks, managing other people, projects, and goals. The fog comes faster than you can see it coming. To cut down on the times when you find yourself stuck and not sure how you got there STOP, determine the right choice, and decision for you! You might find yourself fog-free!

If you find yourself stuck in the brain fog and need a strong results oriented confidant who can propel you into greater results fast, contact us for a personal or leadership coaching session or a business assessment session at 910 221 9294.

Lisa is an Expert Business Success and Leadership Coach, Visionary for Women, and Inspirational Speaker. She has been featured on NBC’s My Carolina Today , Charlotte Today, World Pudja Network, Dr. Pat Show, and Conscious Talk Radio.

Lisa has grown The P3 Group to include customized workshops, specialized training, an online women’s magazine, an Internet radio show, and speaking engagements. She is best known for her life and business coaching where she has an amazing ability to lead women to uncover the power within and produce unprecedented results.

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